santorini proposal ideas

We offer the best Santorini proposal ideas for a perfeck and unforgettable proposal day in Santorini with low cost packages and best proposal location of the Island.… there so many beautiful places to choose from! But don’t let all the details overwhelm you. The most important thing is that your proposal reflects you both as a couple, no matter how casual or grandeur it is.

Ways to Propose to Your Partner

Asking your partner the big question is a moment that has huge significance and will be a great memory for the both of you. I understand that it can be difficult to come up with the right idea for the best way to propose so that the moment turns out memorable and romantic. Every couple is different and proposing is a very personal thing so make sure to make the moment as personal and romantic as possible. Then I’m sure you’ll get a big “YES”!

A proposal doesn’t have to be stressful, cost you a fortune, or be complicated. Here are the best Santorini proposal ideas that you can take as inspiration.

  • Remember to Pop the Question With a Beautiful Engagement Ring!
  • Take Her to a Place She Loves in Santorini after you see difriend spots and locations
  • Propose After a Santorini sunset
  • Propose in the decorated Hotel balcony overlooking the beautifull Santorini view 
  • Propose During a Private Dinner
  • Propose on the Roof top
  • Make a Personal Puzzle
  • Write a Personal Song.

Take Her to a Place She Loves

proposal photography santorini idea

Almost every one coming to Santorini, likes to go to the blue domes churh for pictures. It could be a great idea to book and photoshoot session  for 1 or 2 hours on the best locations of Santorini andpropose to your future wife during the photography tour. You can ask the photographer to have a bottle of champagne to celebrate immediately after the proposal moment.

Propose After a Mountain Hike

If you are both hiking enthusiasts and love nature, this might be the perfect idea for you. I can just imagine a courtship on top of a mountain—just the two of you away from noise and other disturbing elements. To propose right after the thrill from conquering a mountain while enjoying the spectacular views is simply unmatched.

Propose in the Santorini Hotel Balcony

If you’ve planing to propose in Santorini during a vacation trip trip together, it can be an obvious opportunity to propose in your hotel balcony overlooking the Volcano and the ocean. If you have a little extra money in your pocket, you can ask the proposal planner to decorate the Balcony – room with candles, rose petals, champagne, etc.

Private Proposal Ideas

Propose During a Private Dinner

private dinner proposal

This is always a hit! Plan a private dinner out on the water, on a beautiful Santorini cliff, or in nature under a large beech tree. Have a waiter or your friends set it up and arrange it for you. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy each other with candles and champagne.

 Propose on the santorini private Terrace

santorini private Terrace proposal

This is probably one of the most popular ways to propose and it’s easy understand why. It’s super romantic to get closer to the sky together on the roof of a private proposal venue. Make it personal and perhaps arrange a dinner with candles and rose petals. Or drop the dinner and make a big heart shape circle of candle lights and rose petals where you stand ready to propose when she comes up.

Beach proposal idea

When coming to Santorini, it’s a great idea to do the proposal on the beach. Have the proposal planner to set up a beautiful setting with pillows, blankets, and champagne and enjoy a private afternoon together by the water where you give her the ring followed by a romantic private dinner.  You can possibly get our professional proposal photographer to take pictures of you in secret so you can carry the memories forever.

Propose on a yacht

santorini yacht proposal

Plan a private boat trip in a private catamaran sailing yacht and enjoy the Island and each other from the water. At the end of the trip, take out the ring and surprise her.

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Clasic Propotoshoot Proposal Idea

Clasic Propotoshoot proposas Idea is a simmple photoshoot for up to 2 hours on the best locations of Santorini. Propose to your future wife any time you ready during the photoshoot.

Caldera view and Mountain Proposal

A Great and effective strategy idea for a proposal here in Santorini is the Photoshoot concept on the caldera plan, due to the beauty of this island many couples from all over the world include a photoshoot as an activity while in Santorini!

See package and package

Photography Proposal with decoration

We will book a semi private location overlooking the caldera and the Volcano. Is a great idea to propose at this location during the sunset time. We decorate this place with 30 Windproof Candles to shape a heart

Semi private location Package Idea

Santorini Yacht Proposal

Santorini Yacht Proposal Package is with luxury Catamar and is 5 hours Yacht cruise incling dinner on board.

Santorini Proposal Dinner

Santorini Proposal Dinner Package is at the Aon Proposal venue located in the most romantick spot at Fira Port

Photo Shoot proposal

 Budget Santorini proposal Packages that we offer with the professional proposal photographer starting price.


Aion Proposal Packages

Aion Venue is a private watter front spot over looking the Volacano and the sunset. Aion offer discount packages.

Santa Irini Private Terrace 

Santa Irini venue is a perfeck romantick place for an unforgetple sunset proposals. Santa discount package.

Flying dreess proposal

Book a private flying dress photoshoot proposal on the best Santorini locations and will be a reminder of these charming photos years.