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Santorini is arguably one of the most beautiful places of all the  in the world to propose. There are some stunning locations to choose from, it can be hard to pick! Santorini is voted one of the most romantic destinations every year and is a main destination for honeymooners, so the island always has love in the air! Planning the details of a Santorini proposal may feel like a challenge… there are just so many beautiful places to choose from! But don’t let all the details overwhelm you. The most important thing is that your proposal reflects you both as a couple, no matter how casual or grandeur it is.

Whether your style is uber-romantic, unique and eccentric, or private and intimate, we have some great suggestions to help you pick the perfect (and most photogenic!) proposal spot. Below we list some of our favorite marriage proposal ideas, the best places to propose in Santorini, as well as our tips on hiring a proposal photographer to capture it all.

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