Private Dining Proposal At Aion Santorini

Private Dining proposal  Santorini on open view terrace overlooking the sunset and the Aegean sea is one of services that are for couples that wish to offer themselves a special treat for a very special evening & also  recommended for a unique occasion.

Now days we give so much effort into building new places for couples to get married, propose or have a private dinner for a night that there are so many venues to choose from, well we found the best for you. Romance is something that already existed here in Santorini and we just added a couple of touch ups to make it even better. You can choose between a few proposal packages and venues to organise your proposal so it is just the way you want it to be, Luckily with all the experience we have there is finally a perfect package!

Below I will explain a private dinner proposal here in Santorini which happens quiet often and once again, Never fails! The ladies / gents are always too enthusiastic about being proposed to on a trip to Santorini.


  • Santorni proposal photographer – 2 hours ( retouched pictures 60 – 70 
  • Battle of Champagne
  • Flower Petals
  • Transportation ( hotel to venue and back) 
  • Coordinator, Representative
  • Assistance, Handling fees & Organizing
  • Private Waiter




  • Aion Private Venue Rental 2 hours
  • Gazebo and White Curtains
  • 30 Candles for heart shape
  • Cable Car Fees for 2 people / 2 ways
  • Music System on the Venue
  • Meals are a la Carte– Chosen on the spot, Paid After. (No Catering Fees this way!)

Cost – 2200 euros


  • Santorni proposal photographer – 2 hours ( retouched pictures 60 – 70 
  • Battle of Champagne
  • Flower Petals
  • Transportation ( hotel to venue and back) 
  • Coordinator, Representative
  • Assistance, Handling fees & Organizing
  • Private Waiter

Cost – 2500 euros

Private Dinner Proposal at Saint Irini


  • As your Santorini proposal planner I will come to meet you at your hotel 1 – 2 days before and we will have a pre proposal meeting for the last details and information the tour might need


Your Santorini proposal planner will be at proposal venue the whole time of the proposal moments make sure that everything will be perfect for the day


This package also includes 30 candles ( win safe candles ) make the shape of a heart so you can propose in the middle


A driver will be at your disposal for the transportation from your hotel to the venue And will take you back after your proposal is time to return to your hotel.


A Professional photographer  around the Island for 1 hour and 1 hour during the proposal at the venue.


After the big proposal question, The proposal we’ll have champagne available for you to pop and celebrate with your loved one.


A flower bouquet  for your love one will be there for you after the proposal moment  offering by the proposal planner

Total cost  2200 euros plus 24% tax = 2628 euros 

Note: Dinner not included at the price 
private dinner proposal santorini

private dinner proposal santorini

Choose Your Private Dinner at Any Venue

  • Proposal Photographer for 2 hour.
  • Luxury Mercedes Vehicle Transportation
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Flower Petals
  • 1 Bottle of Champagne
  • A Private Waiter
  • Music List Playing
  • Pre-event Meeting
  • Handling & Organizing of event
  • Representative during event
  • Agency Fees
  • Choose any venu
  • Meals are a La Carte– Chosen on the spot, Paid After. (No Catering Fees this way!)

Total Cost – 1,300 euros +Vat

( dinner and venue is not included in this price )

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You’ve been with this girl/guy for a while and you decide that they are the person you’d like to spent your life with, You’ve come to the most romantic island of planet earth, here at Santorini Greece and decided that it’s about time to ask the big question! Let me tell you something, He’s / She’s going to say YES! But why not do it so special that you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives?

Here’s the scenario, You tell your partner how special they are to you and that you wanted to do a little something for him/her, But it’s a surprise. One hour before sunset our driver will come pick you up from your Hotel, and will drive you to our team member in Fira who will play a role such as a tour guide let’s say.

You’ll walk together towards the cable car which is by the caldera and the volcano where the beautiful and warm sunset happens. Our Team member will tell you things about the island and more general information until we are down to the old port of fira and at our destination, The Aion Wedding Venue!

The area will be decorated with (Candles, Roses, Gazebo & White curtains), You can book more decorations such as (Vintage Bulbs hanging, Flower bouquet, Fountain Fireworks and more, Ask us!) There will be a beautiful table before or after the engagement, and two chairs just for the two of you to enjoy as you gaze towards the sunset and the future you’re just creating!

As you walk up the stairs and enter the terrace of the private venue, You’ll see the set up we’ve made for you and with your special song playing it will be the time to take a deep breath and walk towards your big moment!

In the area will be a proposal photographer ready to discreetly capture your every emotion! She/He will stunned by the beautiful view and the romantic set up of the location and will already start to feel more loved and enthusiastic about your idea.

At this time, hand by hand you’ll walk together under the gazebo take another deep breathe and propose! After the big YES! We’ll bring out the champagne for the cheers and let you a few minutes alone to let the moment sink in and enjoy each other’s company before the engagement photoshoot around the Venue & General Area by the water & sunset begins!

By the time you’ll be back, You’ll have set up the table, chairs and candles in a way which will be best fitted for your private dinner. Our waiter will be at your disposal for any assistance in ordering, enjoying the evening and our photographer will be there to capture all the emotions and the amazing moments through our your dinner, After a beautiful evening you can both enjoy the view and relax a bit more while sipping on the champagne we’ll bring you back to your hotel to celebrate your new beginning here in Santorini!